Meet the Staff

The Les Bourgeois staff is a family of professionals who are passionate about wine, and includes our leaders, winemakers and everyone dedicated to serving you.

We love what we do, and we look forward to your next visit to our vineyards and winery.

Rachel Mills (email)

Cory Bomgaars (email)

VP Winery Operations–As VP winery operations I, I coordinate all aspects of wine production from supply to final product.  My primary focus is working with our growers to insure that our winemaking team receives the best grapes possible.   I have been interested in wine, food and agriculture as long as I can remember.  My job is a perfect combination of all three.  At home I raise two boys and a basset hound and enjoy my gardens.

Sarah Cabanas (email)
Administrative Director

Jacob Holman (email)
Head Winemaker–My daily tasks change depending on the time of year but overall include taking grapes through the winemaking process, maintaining and developing our products, and building relationships in the winemaking community. I like to garden, drink Stag beer, and cook for my friends and family. I have quite a collection of flannel shirts. I don’t like milk {not even the chocolate kind}. My favorite season is Spring.

Jeff Lynch (email)
Chief Facilities Engineer

Marilyn Ellsasser (email)
Tasting Room and Gift Shop Manager–I see visitors from all over the world who stop by to sample and buy our wines. I love lush tropical colors and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite candy. Well actually anything chocolate.

Drew Lemberger (email)
I have been in the wine business for my whole adult life, first on the retail side, then for the following 12 years with the Les Bourgeois production staff.  My current responsibilities involve supervising the filling, packaging and warehouse logistics of all of our great wine brands. When I am not “filling” that role, I am training our new generation of winemakers and cellar staff not to hurt themselves with the equipment or compromise our brands high standards with questionable workmanship.  Helping someone get a start in the wine business is very rewarding for me personally, and very important to the overall company philosophy for continued personal growth.  My wife Sara and our two children live in the historic part of Rocheport in a house we have been restoring for the past 5 years.  Did I mention that she was a very, very, very good wife!  I also own and operate Drew’s Guide Service and Missouri Boatworks.  For a custom built boat or a guided river fishing or sightseeing trip check out my website  www.missouriboatworks.com

Tia Stratman (email)
Marketing Specialist–As the marketing department, I get my hands dirty working on several different projects. From advertising our three locations on property to attending wine tastings, no two days are the same. Born and raised here in Missouri, I’m a long-time fan of Missouri wine (and sports) and have wanted to be a part of a winery since my first visit. I’ve also been in marketing my whole career so it is perfect fit!

Chelsea Bessey (email)

Catering Director–As the Catering Director, I spend my days taking inquiries and planning upcoming events.  I’m always on the go coordinating with other managers at the Bistro, Tasting Room, and A-frame.  My favorite color is green or pink (I can’t choose) and I love gummy bears, especially the white ones.

Nicole Farr (email)
Bistro Manager–As the restaurant manager, I oversee the day to day activities in the bistro to ensure that everything runs efficiently and smoothly.  I take a great deal of pride in this beautiful spot, and strive to  maintain the high standards of food and service that Les Bourgeois is known for.  When I am not with “bistro family”, I am spending all of my time at home with my husband and three children.

Jeremy Govero (email)
A-Frame Manager–I work with management and staff to make sure the A-frame is a place for everyone to enjoy. I share our wine with guests, prepare food and book bands.