Fun ways to gift wrap wine!


Wrapping wine bottles is often a head-scratcher. Generally, wine doesn’t come in a box (although that is changing) so wrapping it up for gift giving requires some thought. 


You can stick a bottle in a bag, but that is boring. Tissue paper can spice up a bag a little, but why not take a bolder approach. Add some holiday decorations to that boring, old bag to make a real statement. Some holly berries, cinnamon sticks, and some miniature ornaments can make all the difference!

What do you do if you need to wrap up a bottle in a hurry and don’t have any spare festive decorations lying around? Take some wrapping paper or even a paper grocery sack and lay it out flat. Cut the paper to size where the top and the bottom of the bottle have several inches of paper extending past with enough paper across the center to fully surround the bottle. Tape the paper over the bottle so that you have a tube with open ends. Trim and tape the bottom so it is flat against the bottom of the bottle. Use some string or ribbon to tie the top like a piece of old fashioned candy! 

Once you have finished wrapping your gifts, you will probably have an empty wine bottle (or two). Instead of throwing that bottle in the recycling, upcycle it into a festive holiday decoration! Get your favorite colorful christmas lights, place them in the bottle (cleaned of course), and enjoy the view. Add your own flair!

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