LBV Bubbles Rise to the Top!


LBV Brut Rose wins coveted Jefferson CupSometimes, you know that you have a winner on your hands… or in your glass. We have always felt that way about our Brut Rosé. It is a staff favorite and now we know it isn’t just us! 

This year, the LBV Brut Rosé won a Jefferson Cup at the Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition. This means that it was the best of the best, regardless of class! We are so proud of our Bubbly and are glad to be able to share it with all of you!


The Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition is an annual wine competition that just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Some say that it is the “Olympics” of wine competitions as it is only available to wineries that have been invited to take part. It is an honor to be included in such a prestigious event. 


LBV Brut Rosé was the only sparkling wine from Missouri to win a Jefferson Cup. It was one of only two sparkling wines to win a this high honor overall. 


Our Brut Rosé is fermented in the méthode traditionnelle which has been used in France for several hundred years. This means that the second fermentation, that produces those delicious bubbles, happened in the bottle. Fermenting this way limits the amount the we can make meaning that we frequently sell out between batches. 


We use the French-American hybrid St. Vincent grape to make the Rosé. This grape was discovered in 1973 in a Missouri vineyard. The lineage of St. Vincent has not yet been established. Read more about it here.


The best bubbles always rise to the top! Get yours today before supplies run out. Available at the Tasting Room & Gift Shop in Rocheport!