Where can I view the eclipse on Les Bourgeois Property?

  • The A-Frame, Blufftop Bistro and Tasting Room will be open for eclipse viewing.

What time will you open?

  • The A-Frame Blufftop Bistro and Tasting Room will both be open at 9 am on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Where can I park?

  • We will have parking attendants directing parking at our A-Frame. All guests must enter through our A-Frame drive. The Bistro drive will be blocked off as an exit only.

What is the best time to arrive?

  • Our driveway will be blocked off until 9 am. There will be no admittance prior to 9 am.

What will be offered the day of the eclipse?

  • We will have our normal A-Frame menu as well as a brand new moonshine, specialty cocktails, BBQ, games, merchandise and more! The Blufftop Bistro will also have a concession stand-style menu available.

Are children welcome?

  • Yes, children are always welcome here at LBV! We do, however, serve adult beverages, and encourage all patrons to behave appropriately and indulge responsibly.

Will there be live music?

  • What’s an A-Frame event without some tunes? We will have live music from C Rock City from 11 am – 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm – 4 pm. There will be a break in music during totality.

Is the Blufftop Bistro open?

  • Our group of astronomers scheduled to be at the Blufftop Bistro is chasing clearer skies out East. So, we’ve decided to open the surrounding bistro property for eclipse viewing.

    We will have concession style food and beverages available.

Will you be distributing eclipse viewing glasses?

  • Yes, we will have glasses for the first 400 people

Can I bring outside food?

  • You are welcome to bring in homemade food. We will have an extended menu for the event. Please note, food from an outside restaurant or catering company is not permitted.

Can I bring outside alcohol?

  • We do not allow outside alcohol. All alcohol must be purchased through the A-Frame, Blufftop Bistro or Tasting Room. ANY alcohol brought onto property will either be required to be left in your vehicle or will be confiscated.

Are coolers permitted?

  • Coolers are permitted for non-alcoholic beverages and homemade food items only.

Is there a shuttle?

  • We do not have a shuttle service. All parking should be within walking distance of our facility.

How late will you be open on eclipse day?

  • The A-Frame will be open until sunset. The Tasting Room will be open until 6 pm.

Can I reserve a space for the eclipse?

  • All reservable decks have already been rented. All tables not in our reservable decks are first come first serve.

What do you recommend we bring?

  • Though we have lots of seating, we are anticipating a large crowd. You may want to bring:
    • Lawn chairs
    • Picnic blankets
    • Cash (although most of our locations will accept credit cards, we are anticipating large a large crowd and may experience service interruptions)
    • Shoes comfortable for walking
    • Sunscreen

Can I bring a pet?

  • Although we love pets, unfortunately we can’t allow them on our blufftop properties.

Can we camp the night before or night of?

  • Unfortunately we will not be able to allow camping before or after the eclipse.

Can we leave our overnight at LBV?

  • Unfortunately we cannot allow cars to be left on our property overnight.

Can we ride our bikes out to LBV?

  • Yes, you are welcome to ride your bike here. We will have some bike rack space available.