Les Bourgeois Wine Selections


Les Bourgeois Vineyards offers a premier wine selection showcasing the best flavors and aromas from the mid-Missouri area. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet red wine, a dry white wine, a rosé or an unexpected new favorite, feel free to browse our wine list below before visiting our online store or making your next visit to our Tasting Room & Gift Shop! We are happy to help you pick out award-winning wines for any occasion or pairing.


Sweet Wines:


The Concord is a sweet but balanced red wine exploding with fresh concord grape flavor!

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Bonfire Berry Captain’s Cooler

Fruity, bubbly, light & crisp – Bonfire Berry is a lightly carbonated, red wine-based cooler with natural flavors. 

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Citrus Cruise Captain’s Cooler

Fruity, bubbly, light & crisp – Citrus Cruise is a lightly carbonated, white wine-based cooler with natural flavors. 

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Riverboat Red

A tantalizing, Concord grape blend with aromas of raspberry and cherry; served chilled, this sweet red wine dazzles the palate with layers of ripe fruit.

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Riverboat White

This popular, sweet white wine has a bouquet of honeysuckle with hints of honeydew and lush tropical fruit.

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Pink Fox

Unlike an ordinary blush, this wine is made with the Native American Catawba grape giving it a bold fruit flavor and a pleasantly sweet finish.

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This sweet, silky Port produces aromas of dark confectioneries and ripe berries which precede the rich, rustic flavors the Norton grape is known for.

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Semi-Sweet Wines:


A blend of Missouri’s best hybrid grapes, this semi-sweet red wine is light and refreshing with fruity aromas and flavors of raspberry and cherry.

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With a rich floral nose, this fresh white wine delivers a hint of sweetness and a crisp subtle finish.

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A blend of Missouri’s best hybrid grapes, this semi-sweet white wine greets you with floral aromas and flavors of fresh apple and white peach.

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Fleur Du Vin

A semi-dry red wine with soft character and a light and fruity aroma is broadly appealing and reveals the uniqueness of the Missouri St. Vincent grape.

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Dry Wines:

MIZZOU Vintage: Legacy Red

This dark, garnet wine boasts aromas of cherries and a balanced tannin structure. It is a delicious, sophisticated wine that is perfect for raising a glass to the Tigers, whether this season or the next. It’s acid profile makes this wine a great candidate for cellar aging as well.

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MIZZOU Vintage: Legacy White

Aged in stainless steel, this crisp, dry white wine greets you with citrus aromas and flavors of grapefruit and lemon zest. Its racy acidity gives it a lingering finish. It’s the perfect way to raise a glass to the Tigers!


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Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine

Made with the St. Vincent grape, this Rosé begins with a tart hint of lemongrass that moves into a delightfully subtle strawberry finish.

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Jeunette Rouge

Diversely appealing, this medium-bodied wine, with fruity character and a soft finish is suitable for an array of occasions.

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This Estate Bottled Chardonel combines crisp pear and apple aromas with light oak to create an exquisite, full-bodied, dry white wine with a steely finish.

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With no oak aging to mask the intense tropical fruit overtones, this wine is blended with 100% of the best white grape varietals grown in Missouri.

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This full-bodied, dry red wine showcases the unique characteristics of Norton, the state grape of Missouri. A bouquet of violet and spicy earth tones with rich fruit flavors linger through a light tannin finish.

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Brut Sparkling Wine

Using primarily Vidal grapes gives the méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine a refreshing aroma with a crisp effervescence and dry finish.

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Collector's Series:


This hybrid varietal offers a complex smoky aroma with black raspberry, tobacco and a hint of pepper leaving a palate of light tannin.

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This wine exhibits aromas of ripe plums and notes of leather and fresh-turned earth. With its deep, garnet color and generous tannins, this wine has an intensity and length of finish that make it a wonderful candidate for cellaring. Enjoy it for several years to come!

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The aroma of Rainier cherries bursts through in this dark, garnet red wine followed by a balanced tannin structure on the pallet. As is characteristic of the Chambourcin varietal, the acid profile is bracing and will assuage as this wine ages, giving it several years of cellaring potential.

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Chambourcin Rosé

This ruby-colored rosé wine dazzles with the aroma and flavor of ripe raspberries. Subtle notes of mint and Bartlett pear reveal themselves in a clean finish with focused acidity.

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Limited Edition:

Together We Can: Cayuga White | LBV Winery

Together We Can: Cayuga White

Dry wine with bright acidity, tart notes of tropical fruits and a grassy finish. 

Partnering with the Voluntary Action Center, a portion of the proceeds from this wine will go to helping people who are struggling in our community.

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Winter White

This seasonal, sweet white blend presents aromas of vanilla blossom and candied pear on the nose transitioning into layers of fruit notes of jammy peach, kiwi, melon and grapefruit zest.

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