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Summer Music on The Blufftop with Beth Bombara(Instagram Post)

Summer Music on The Blufftop – Beth Bombara


Although based in Missouri, Bombara has spent much of her adulthood on the road,
carving out her own award-winning mix of vintage folk and electric roots-rock. She’s
been a solo artist, a bandleader, and an occasional side musician for other artists. With
Evergreen, Bombara resumes her role as the leader of an amplified Americana band.
These songs were largely written on the run — in friend’s basements, during
soundchecks, and on the road — while Bombara and company toured the country in
support of her 2017 release, Map and No Direction. As a result, there’s a strong sense
of movement here, from Samuel Gregg’s versatile guitar playing to the thump of the
group’s rhythm section (featuring Mike Schurk on drums and Kit Hamon — Bombara’s
right-hand man and longtime collaborator — on bass). Gluing the sound together are
Bombara’s unforced vocals, sharp hooks, and optimistic lyrics, which find her taking an
honest look at life’s difficulties while continuing to move forward with positivity.
“Getting to work these songs out on the road was invigorating,” says the songwriter,
who’d previously recorded Map and No Direction with a small, insu lar team consisting
of Hamon and co-producer Karl Kling. “So I already feel invincible with my touring
band, and then my friend John Calvin Abney joined in on keys (and production). The
five of us just walked in to the studio, set up in one live room, and hammered out the
whole album in less than a week. It was the most fun I’ve ever had making a record.
Everyone’s doing what they do…it just felt effortless.”

From Tom Petty’s heartland rock & roll to Aimee Mann’s quirky indie-folk, Evergreen
sources its inspiration from iconic sources. Even so, this is the unmistakably unique
work of Beth Bombara, a singer/songwriter who, over a half-dozen albums, has
nodded to past traditions while always pushing ahead into new territory. Evergreen is
her newest high-water mark: an album that matches her craft with the nuanced stomp
of her strongest band to date.

Summer Music on The Blufftop is back! Enjoy delicious sips and light eats at The A-Frame Winegarden, while taking in the beauty of nature and sounds of summer. Summer Music on The Blufftop will take place at The A-Frame every Sunday at 5:00pm starting May 29, 2022 through September 25, 2022, weather permitting. With a mix of genres, we have something everyone will enjoy. Admission is free and this is an all-ages show.

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