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Enjoy a winery tour during your time at The Blufftop at Rocheport

Have you ever wondered how wine is made? Let us show you! The Tasting Room is located right next to the Les Bourgeois Vineyards winery. Which allows for the ideal location to begin a tour of the winemaking facilities. Our staff enjoy sharing all the history of our brands and how wine goes from grapes to glass. You’ll start at The Tasting Room and follow along to see the crush pad, the barrel room, the cellar, the bottling line, and finally the warehouse where you’ll be awed by the stacks upon stacks of wine waiting to be shipped out and enjoyed. Knowing how much time, artistry, and science goes into making every bottle of wine, makes it even more impressive when you head back to The Tasting Room to enjoy a wine tasting.

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See how wine is made at our award-winning vineyard

Expert winemakers will show you how wine is made, from grape to bottle. Learn about the process and sample delicious wines from Les Bourgeois Vineyards while you listen.

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