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Summer Music on The Blufftop (Instagram Post)

Summer Music on The Blufftop – Decadent Nation’s Rock Revue


Decadent Nation’s brand of high energy, socio-political rock n’ roll has been quietly burning in the American underground music scene for years. Now, the band’s message is more relevant than ever. Having released multiple albums to critical acclaim and touring coast to coast, the band has found a new spark with a fresh lineup and the epic new Universal Music Group release Battleship Empire. With a new momentum, the band is looking to take the mantle once worn by such acts as System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine. Decadent Nation is the new musical voice of resistance and the message has been heard loud and clear as the band have been filling venues on recent tours. Whether it is their through-the-roof energy live performances or their meticulous musicianship, DN’s blues based, Alternative Rock sound is as infectiously catchy as it is powerful.

Summer Music on The Blufftop is back! Enjoy delicious sips and light eats at The A-Frame Winegarden, while taking in the beauty of nature and sounds of summer. Summer Music on The Blufftop will take place at The A-Frame every Sunday at 5:00pm starting May 29, 2022 through September 25, 2022, weather permitting. With a mix of genres, we have something everyone will enjoy. Admission is free and this is an all-ages show.

For the full line up of Summer Music on The Blufftop, click here.