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Summer Music on The Blufftop (Instagram Post) (1)

Summer Music on The Blufftop – J. ARTiz & The MO’ Soul Collective

Jul 31, 2022

Josh Runnels, creatively known as J. ARTiz, is a Chicago native whose current brand is ART & EDU

Josh is a local performing artist, aspiring visual artist, and community and youth advocate organizer and educator. 

Self expression through harmonic vocals, rap and spoken word poetry are the main mediums in which he learned to tell his own story. J resides in Columbia, MO contracting with youth & art related programs while also recording, performing live music along with other art collaborations.

Former male vocalist with local band , “Loose Loose”, J seeks to continue inspiring a larger movement of cultural art, black liberation, higher consciousness and Afrofuturistic inspiration amongst the population of youth/ young adult communities and beyond

Summer Music on The Blufftop is back! Enjoy delicious sips and light eats at The A-Frame Winegarden, while taking in the beauty of nature and sounds of summer. Summer Music on The Blufftop will take place at The A-Frame every Sunday at 5:00pm starting May 29, 2022 through September 25, 2022, weather permitting. With a mix of genres, we have something everyone will enjoy. Admission is free and this is an all-ages show.

For the full line up of Summer Music on The Blufftop, click here.