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Summer Music on The Blufftop with Meredith Shaw(Instagram Post) (5)

Summer Music on The Blufftop – Meredith Shaw


At age 20, Meredith Shaw grappled with her mother’s profound statement.  She needed more “life” to find her song.  Years later, after children, a divorce, a successful academic career, a doctorate, and her mother’s battle with Alzheimers, Meredith was formally introduced to her music head on.  Who knew that it could be so rewarding, yet complex and painful?

Raised on a Missouri farm, Meredith educated herself early on the powerful women in music, such as Tammy Wynette, Carole King, Loretta Lynn, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton.  While attending the University of Missouri, she felt the desire to break from the norm of college life and move to Nashville to pursue songwriting.  But she heeded her mother’s advice and stayed in college.  Instead, Meredith’s love of music led her to radio, where she spent years working on-air, soaking up the industry, artists and songs as much as possible, learning what could from the experience.  Eventually, she had children, married, finished multiple degrees while working at the university she attended, and embraced the life before her.  However, the desire to write and sing still burned inside her.  

In 2018, at a riverside open mic, a friend encouraged Meredith to dust off her guitar and join the fun.  The first performances were shaky but the crowd was encouraging. Meredith soon rediscovered her passion for songwriting.  With many experiences to draw from, she began penning her first songs in over 20 years, which were greeted with adoring local fans.  In the spring of 2020, she posted a song to social media, which would eventually become her debut single “Whiskey Situation.”  The song drew attention from not only thousands of viewers, but also Nashville industry talents, and Meredith is now flexing that artist muscle with whiskey in tow.  A fiery blend of traditional country and current production, Meredith’s music is passionate, empowering, relatable.  You can find her singles “Whiskey Situation” “The Other Other Woman” and “Drove It Like He Stole It” on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere you stream music. 

Summer Music on The Blufftop is back! Enjoy delicious sips and light eats at The A-Frame Winegarden, while taking in the beauty of nature and sounds of summer. Summer Music on The Blufftop will take place at The A-Frame every Sunday at 5:00pm starting May 29, 2022 through September 25, 2022, weather permitting. With a mix of genres, we have something everyone will enjoy. Admission is free and this is an all-ages show.

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