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2022 Vignoles

Semi-Dry White Wine


This fragrant, semi-dry white wine has just a hint of natural sweetness that is perfect for salty or spicy foods. Floral aromas of honey, citrus, and pear lead to an acid driven palate of apples and vanilla custard.

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Silver – Pacific Rim Wine Competition
Gold – San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition,
Silver – Finger Lakes International Wine Competition,
Silver – Missouri Wine Competition

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2022 Vignoles

This semi-dry white wine exemplifies Missouri grown Vignoles and demonstrates all of the beautiful characteristics of this signature Missouri grape. Floral and complex with bracing acidity, this wine, bottled in blue, is a sensational tribute to the great Rieslings of the world.

Profoundly fragrant with just a touch of natural sweetness, the floral aromas mingle perfectly with honey, citrus, and pear. Striking acidity defines the palate and accentuates refined layers of lemon peel, vanilla custard, apple, and stone fruit.

A portion of the fermentation was arrested before completion, leaving behind small amounts of residual grape sugar that sweeten this impeccably balanced wine. The balance of sweetness and acidity lends itself perfectly to spicy meats, soft cheeses, Tom Kha soup, tacos, curries, crawfish boils, and so much more. Versatility aside, this wine stuns on its own and is especially delightful with the sun shining down.