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Collector’s Series: 2022 Vivant

Dry White


This Dry White has a bright acidity, with notes of green apple and just a little grapefruit.

“Silk and Sunshine” by Bill Manion

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750 ml

Flavor Notes

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Collector’s Series: 2022 Vivant

This 2022 Vivant’s vinification process is unique in that the juice was fermented at cool temperatures and allowed to ferment to dryness. Part of it was then aged in an oak barrel for one month, with the rest maturing in a stainless steel barrel for seven months. They were then combined to create a unique, tangy flavor profile.

Our 2022 Collector’s Series Vivant is bright and zesty, with refreshing acidity. The green apple notes continue to shine alongside a touch of grapefruit that adds a refreshing tang. A structured mouthfeel can be perceived due to the combination of the oaked and unoaked portions of the wine. The oak contributes to the wine’s structure and weight, while the unoaked wine adds brightness and freshness. All these components combine to create a crisp and refreshing wine with a balanced and harmonious profile. The 2022 Vivant wine has a clean and refreshing finish, with a lingering acidity that refreshes and invigorates the mouth. Its crisp and acidic flavor pairs well with light fish, fresh fruit, sharp cheeses, and sweeter offerings such as caramel, cheesecake, and vanilla ice cream.

Featured Artwork:

“Silk and Sunshine” by Bill Manion