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Semi-Sweet Wine Bundle

Vignoles, Fleur du Vin, MIZZOU Red


1x Bottle of Vignoles
1x Bottle of Fleur du Vin
1x Bottle of MIZZOU Red
Tasting Notes
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Try sophisticated, balanced wines with grapes grown in America’s heartland

Three light, refreshing wines

Beautiful tasting notes to sip and savor

The Wines


This fragrant, semi-dry white wine has just a hint of natural sweetness that is perfect for salty or spicy foods. Floral aromas of honey, citrus, and pear lead to an acid driven palate of apples and vanilla custard.

“A semi-dry white wine that has just a hint of natural sweetness. Perfect to pair with salty or spicy foods, with a crisp, subtle finish.”

Fleur du Vin

This semi-dry, light bodied red wine features red and dark fruits and is delightful chilled or room temperature. Guided by the St. Vincent grape, this versatile wine showcases several other signature Missouri varietals.

“Translating to “Flower of the Vine”, this soft and smooth wine is dominated by fruity notes, excellent acidity and just a hint of sweetness.”