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Pink Fox

Sweet Rosé Wine


This extraordinary sweet rosé-style wine is made with the Native American Catawba grape providing bold fruit flavors of plums and berries with a refreshing, sweet finish.

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Silver – Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

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Pink Fox

Made with the Native American Catawba grape, this sweet rosé is extraordinary. Crisp, refreshing, and sweet, this rosé wine features bright aromas of lemon, honeycomb, and melon highlighted by enticing flavors of gooseberry, plum, and other red berries on the palate.

Catawba grapes are often described as being “foxy” in flavor and aroma and the term became common in describing the musky, earthy quality of many new world varietals. Like other Vitus labrusca, or “fox grape” varietals, Catawba is commonly used in jelly and juice making, though it is widely considered to exhibit much greater depth of flavor than Concord, the most common of the “foxy” grapes.

Once the most commonly cultivated grape in the country, Pink Fox continues to showcase the beauty of the uniquely American Catawba grape.