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Collector’s Series: 2022 Noiret Wine

Dry Red


This Dry Red is a locally grown Missouri varietal with a well rounded smooth and fruity flavor.

“Dark Thicket” by Christian Mouser

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750 ml

Flavor Notes

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Collector’s Series: 2022 Noiret Wine

On the nose, the 2022 Collector’s Series Noiret exhibits an aroma of coffee with subtle hints of tobacco and smokiness. These notes are complemented by a bright fruitiness, with raspberry and black cherry aromas, adding sweetness to the bouquet. The French oak aging imparts subtle notes of vanilla and toasted oak.

The 2022 Collector’s Series Noiret has a smooth texture that is mildly tannic. The espresso and leather notes spring forth with a smoky undertone that lingers throughout the palate. The fruitiness detected on the nose carries over to the palate, with flavors of black fruit balancing out the more savory notes. A quiet herbaceous note weaves its way through the mid-palate. The French oak aging sings a symphony of depth and complexity, with flavors of baking spices and toasted oak coming through on the finish.
The 2022 Noiret wine’s bold and sharp flavor can cut through heavy stews, red meat, creamy and pungent cheeses, and it would even play nicely on the palate with chocolate

Featured Artwork:

“Dark Thicket” by Christian Mouser